Meet Anais.

Her age is a mystery. She lives in a trendy quaint European town by the coast in the vicinity of a big city. She is not from here, but calls it home- because that’s what it feels like to her.

Anais has a mixed heritage and an exotic appearance. Not a classic beauty, yet she is undeniably enigmatic and beautiful in her own unique way. She is smart, welleducated, has a great sense of humour and enjoys a good laugh. Sensitive, confident, kind, well-mannered, humbly gracious, delicate in her strength, elegant, and sensual in a reserved mysterious way. She thinks of herself as a soul-searcher, a spiritual being in a material world.

Having lived and travelled through many different parts of the world, she embraces her cosmopolitan life and the way it has shaped her as a unique unconventional woman and as an open-minded individual.

Anais loves travelling and she has visited many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas throughout the course of her life. It has taught her appreciation for different cultures and ways of living and dreaming. At the same time, it has brought the realisation of how fortunate she is to live in a beautiful safe home of her own and to have access to all the conveniences of the modern, developed world.

She has been living a good life but has also witnessed the other side of civilisation – the poverty – and the hopelessness and horrors of it upsets her to the core. So she volunteers for charitable organisations and NGOs on various sustainable projects that provide access to clean water, housing and education to those less fortunate in this world.

Anais is a mom and adores her children, so naturally, she dreams to be able to give them the best start in life by teaching them the core values of respect, honesty, commitment, hard work, sustainable living, believing in themselves and following their hearts.

Motherhood takes up a lot of her energy but she is a skilled organiser and manages to schedule some daily “me time” – whether it is a spa massage, personal training session, a recharging Pilates or yoga practice, lunch with friends, a gallery outing, a meditation, nice walk on the beach with her dog or just a long candle-lit bath. Anais is very passionate about her job; in fact she thinks of it as a favourite hobby that provides her with financial independence at the same time. She believes that money cannot buy true love, friendship or happiness, but values the freedom, dignity, comfort and security that money provides.

She is a little introverted in a sense that she needs time on her own – to contemplate, to meditate, to read, to dream and plan, to create and to recharge by being in the moment one-on-one with her thoughts and feelings. She is looking for deeper meanings in life, love and the world. She doesn’t stop learning and growing as a person and as a woman. Anais aspires to see the bigger picture but pays attention to details at the same time.

She loves to surround herself with friends and people she loves, sometimes by throwing a house party serving homemade comfort dishes and long soulful chats by the fire pit while playing good music by Sting, Coldplay, Maroon 5 or whatever the mood of the day is!

A cinema visit or a concert night followed by a dinner is another way she loves to unwind on the weekend. However, on occasion, she enjoys getting all dressed up and looking gorgeous to go out dancing at the new hip club with her friends or to get all casual for a picnic with family and friends on the beach. At the end of a busy eventful week, all she dreams of is to cuddle with her kids and loved one by the fireplace with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and watch a good movie while the rain whispers outside.

A few times a year her gipsy soul urges her to pack her bags and go exploring a new faraway land or vibrant city. At times, she just needs a change of scenery and at times there is a distinct calling to visit or to return to a favourite familiar spot on the globe. She is beautiful and soulful, humble and confident, nurturing and strong, smart and intuitive, unconventional and unapologetic, forever changing but always authentic in her heart. She has many faces but one true nature

…she is a Woman


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ITALY / GAIA 36 38 40 42 44
FRANCE 32 34 36 38 40
GERMANY 30 32 34 36 38
DENMARK 30 32 34 36 38
UK 4 6 8 10 12
RUSSIA 38 40 42 44 46
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